The 9 P’s

The 9 P’s:
Phoenix’s Proper Prior Planning Program Promotes Progressive Peak Performances!

At P9 Fitness, we strive to be the spark that will motivate and guide you to reach your goals faster and easier. You will train smarter and more efficient with personalized training plans developed with a combination of passion for the athletic experience and an understanding of sport science.

We believe that communication is the key to a successful client/coach relationship. We get to know you on a personal level to understand what motivates you, what daily challenges you face, and what training will be most effective to help you reach your goals. With your goals and personal commitments in mind, we develop an individualized training plan appropriate for you.

We believe in optimizing training time and avoiding junk mileage. We make sure that positive training adaptations occur through applying physiological stresses progressively while allowing appropriate recovery to absorb the workload. Your plan is always evolving as we see how you progress and reach milestones. When life gets in the way, we will work with you to adjust your training plan accordingly and make sure you are doing the best workouts possible to reach your goals.

To schedule a free 30-minute consultation, reserve your time on this link with a 2-5 sentence description of your goals & needs – FREE Consultation

These appointments are for FREE initial consultations. However, there is a $25 cancellation fee.
All follow-up consultations scheduled after the free initial consultation are charged at $55/30-minute session unless you have purchased a package that includes additional sessions.