Group & Individual Training

P9 offers both group and individual training options for training with your team or on your own. This allows each person to self-customize to their schedules, goals and needs be suit their own training environment.

We offer a free 45 minute initial consultation (requires completing an intake evaluation survey).
Our services can include a hybrid of:

– Progression through Basic and Advanced Goal Setting
– Annual Training Plans
– Specific Training Programs
– Adjusting Schedule Periodization
– Weight loss
– Speed, Strength and Agility
– Endurance
– Nutrition Coaching
– Race Planning and Course Evaluation (triathlon, running, endurance racing…)

To schedule a free 30-minute consultation, reserve your time on this link with a 2-5 sentence description of your goals & needs – FREE Consultation

We create custom training plans, personal fitness programs and team workout regimens using Final Surge, Training Peaks or Google-Sheets to monitor and adjust to your performance needs.

These appointments are for FREE initial consultations. However, there is a $25 cancellation fee.
All follow-up consultations scheduled after the free initial consultation are charged at $55/30-minute session unless you have purchased a package that includes additional sessions.

Take advantage of our services in-person or where ever you live utilizing our experts with free access to electronic coaching tools through:

– Garmin Connect
– UA’s MapMyFitness/MyFitnessPal apps
– Google-Sheets
– Final Surge
– TrainingPeaks
– Strava

First off, P9 does not take any payment or create any program schedules (or even provide advice prior to a free initial consultation – this is for your safety and the integrity of providing educated, meaningful feedback to athletes.
During your initial consultation, we will discuss your timeline, goals and budget to make sure you are a good fit for what we do and vise versa.

For the ‘typical’ client or athlete, we can generally create a $55-$95/month (+ $35 one time registration fee), 3-month program that includes:

– Client-Coach Bill of Rights (this is our contract to be honest, timely teammates)
– 3-month Training Plan (sport specific workouts, warm-ups, cool-downs, cross training, strength and flexibility)
– Weekly reports & evaluations from your coach
– FREE profile in TrainingPeaks and instruction in other apps
– One 30-minute phone/video call per week
– Lots of encouragement

Just like every athlete, your rate will be based on your individual timeline, goals and budget.

* Discounts available for military, non-profit, government and groups/teams/friends of 3 or more.
** Sponsorships & Ambassadorships available in limited number for:
– Police/Fire/Rescue/Military injured in-the-line of duty
– Differently-Abled Athletes (proud supporter of the Challenged Athletes Foundation).
– Newly Forming/Formed High School or Collegiate Clubs or Students
– Aspiring Elite and Aspiring Age-Group Champions