Group & Individual Training

Group versus Individual
P9 offers both group and individual training options. This allows each person to self-customize to their schedules, goals and needs be suit their own training environment.

Group Training involves sessions that are a hybrid between a class and community training. Sessions are designed as part of a more generalized program than individual program to elicit athlete learning by hosting an open and welcoming environment for athletes to ask questions (e.g. stroke development, sport specific strength or race preparation) – this format helps athletes improve their outcomes in workouts they do on their own. Additionally, this allows for an increased education across the organization so that (a.) coaches learn more about each athlete as they progress, and (b.) athletes learn to speak the language of the sport to better communicate needs, challenges and successes as they advance to higher levels.

Group training is offered in a variety of packages to fit different ability levels and budgets to make our sports accessible to everyone, including offering group rates or special packages if you already have a group/team and just need that next boosting edge!

Individual Training is much more specific to each individual athlete centered around the athlete’s goals be it high level race performance or basic health and weight loss – we provide the same high energy enthusiasm!

Packages, Rates and Training Plans
Our training model and rate plans are unique in that we train you for life first and then your race-event using the race-event as the center-piece.
For triathlon, you pick the race distance you want to do, then select a race date. From there, P9 works with you during your initial free consultation to outline a training plan that gets you to your desired finish line with a smile on your face. We work with you to create milestones and an 8-week, 12-week, 16-week or 20+ week training plan to fit your baseline fitness, goals, work-life schedule and still have time for your other hobbies!