Rent Relief Fundraiser – Bike-a-thon: TODAY!!!

Today, I’m doing a solo/1-person bike-a-thon to raise money for Colorado Rent Relief to Ashley and Donovan  ( and – bike ride is June 26. Fundraiser ends June 28 or 29th.
The route is from Belgrade, Maine to ~Lincolnville, ME ~ 6 hours ( –

I’ll be trying to post updates here every hour/on the hour (or so) – you can track me here when I get started on Garmin LiveTrack and/or MPF, I’ll try to use both.

We plan to share a portion of the funds raised with like-minded mission oriented organizations.Donations can be made on Facebook:

A little late but I’m on my way…follow along on this livetrack link….

Here’s my 11 mile update

Entering and leaving augusta, Maine (cap)….

Broken spoke!

….but like Earl and my friemds at Ironman Triathlon ™(R)(c) say…”…anything is possible”

….and we’re done for the day~8 hours and 76+ miles!!! …and a broken spoke and beat up bike…

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