Volunteer Information, Duty Stations & Descriptions with Timetable

This is an updated message for all of our newest volunteers covering three key items:
Parking for Race Day Volunteers:
Please remember, if you arrive after 6am,
the facility parking lot will likely be closed to traffic and you will have to park
and walk from the school. Please plan to arrive before 6am to make sure we have everyone ready for an on time start
  1. Volunteer Duty Stations and Descriptions (see hyperlinks below)
  2. Free Registration Codes for Volunteers
  3. Reminder Details
Volunteer Duties Assignments:
Here is a link to the document that has everyone assigned to a duty based on what you selected (I think everyone got what they requested).
Pre-Race Day Set-up(Sept 14th)
– Saturday: 10am-3:30pm for helping with set up and troubleshooting and participant packet pick-up.
– This document is for people who could only volunteer on the day before (if you are not on here, but find yourself willing to help out, just give us a shout or show up and we’ll find something for ya 🙂
Race Day Volunteers (Sept 15th)
– Sunday: the event starts at 7am, so we would need happy-smiling volunteers to arrive by 545-630am for “info-training” (…yummy hot coffee and possibly donuts).
We will be done by 1030am-11am. 

– This document is for people available to volunteer during the race (if you are not on here, but find yourself willing to help out, just give us a shout 🙂

Race-Day Duty Descriptions – this link should have a description of what you are doing.
Race-Day Duty Stations/Maps – this should help you find where you are being posted.
Athlete Guide – This is just an FYI for those of you who are not racing, this is the guide we sent out to athletes over the weekend with details about locations, times, course maps…
Volunteer Duty Stations & Description Details (see links to open documents)
We’re ramping up for the big race day and we couldn’t do it without you!
Thank you thank you!! Thank you thank you!! Thank you thank you!! Thank you thank you!!
This is probably THE most important message for this year’s volunteers, so please do review everything here (we’re keeping it as short as possible) and give a shout out if you have any conflicts, comments or suggestions 🙂
Volunteer Recruitment: We’re short just a few more people for race day on the 15th…if everyone could copy/paste and post the following short message to your social media, it will help out a ton!
The FTKI Charity Mini-Triathlon raises money for Kisima Child Care Academy in Naitiri, Kenya (www.friendsofkisima.org) and we’re looking for a few more volunteers for the Sunday, September 15 race. Please repost/share this post with our Volunteer Sign-up link: www.shorturl.at/OPWYZ
Estimated Volunteer Schedule
Saturday, September 14th
10:00a Preparing for Volunteers
10:30a Volunteers arrive
10:45a Neighborhood Event & Course Signs
             Transition Area Set-Up
             Assisting Timing Company Set-Up
12:00   Packet Filling
             Run Course Chalking/Painting
1:00p   Timer Announcements Info and Troubleshooting
             Packet Pick-Up/Registration Set-Up
Race Day: Sunday, September 15th
5:45-6:15a Volunteers Arrive
                    Recheck Duty Stations
                    Close Transition Area to Cars
6:00a Transition Area Opens
6:30a All Volunteers to their places & Timer
6:45a Pre-Race Announcement(s)
                    Racers to starting line-up order
                    Ensure course marshals are ready for race start
6:55a 5 minute warning announcement
6:58a 2 minute warning announcement
7:00a Start
9:15a (approx) Begin Closing Bike Course at Church Parking lot
Post Race Clean-Up
Free Registration Codes for Volunteers
If you have not already done so, please do use your volunteer code to register yourself or your racer for the event. Your 100% discount code for volunteering.
As a reminder, your code is your first initial 2019 and last name. For example:
Thomas Edison would be T2019Edison.
Reminder Event Details:
Here are a few links to get you started:
  • Volunteer Registration – Help us put on another great event while also earning the volunteer event rate for your race.
  • Race Registration – Be sure to register as a volunteer first, then use you Volunteer Discount Code to save at race registration.
  • Facebook Event Page – share your excitement and last year’s race experience!
  • Event Information – Course maps and other updates.


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