The P9 Endurance Academy at Washington Sports Clubs

Presentations will feature information from our experts certified by USA Triathlon, USA Cycling, USA Track/Field, International Sports Science Association and 20+ years of racing experience and 15+ years of successful coaching. Additionally, we will have guest speakers from area bike shops, running stores, massage therapists and personal trainers offering special discounts and sponsorships.

Topics will range from choosing a first ever sprint race to nutrition for long distance race.
Participants will be given light practical application exercises to do at home and will be expected to come prepared to share their findings in a inclusive learning environment.

Register here: Endurance Academy

Here is a sample of previous program schedules:
Session #1: Starting with the End in Mind: Choosing a Race and Planning the Day.
Session #2: Warming Up, Cooling Down and the Run
Session #3: Cycling – Aerodynamics, Fit and Brick Workouts
Session #4: Swimming: Sink or Swim? Fear Not
Session #5: Gear: Clothing, Equipment and Transitions
Session #6: Hydration and Nutrition
Session #7: Putting together training: Swim, Bike, Run, Fuel
Session #8: Injuries: Prevention, Prediction, Pain


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