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Ready to go longer? Join one of Washington Sports Club’s Endurance Program Clubs at Columbia Heights!
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Running Club Schedule May 2019
Mondays 5:45p
Tuesdays 6:30a
Tuesdays TBA Classroom Learning: Nutrition, Testing, Presentations and more!
Thursdays 5:45p
Friday 5:30p (Specialty Strength Endurance Training – gym)
Fridays 7p TBA Happy Hours
Saturdays 10a (Long Run Practice)
Sundays 3p (Trails)

Program Description Running Club – Interested in getting off the couch or running a marathon? Maybe it’s time to prepare for this year’s Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 5k or launch into a strong 10k at the end of a triathlon. Our Running Club sessions are a mix of road, trail and strength sessions to help you stay motivated and enjoy the sport of running with other new training friends. We’ll take you out on of the well some worn running/biking paths along with some introduction to varying levels of trails. We’re open to new runners, returning athletes and current hotshots who want to gain some new tips on form, technique, breathing and other ways to increase your speed and go further for longer with our Certified USA Track & Field Coaches and Certified USA Triathlon Coaches to make it fun and safe all the way to your first 5k or PR your next marathon!

Swimming Club Schedule
Mondays 6:45p
Tuesdays 7:15a
Tuesdays TBA Classroom Learning: Nutrition, Testing, Presentations and more!
Thursdays 6:45p
Friday 5:30p (Specialty Strength Endurance Training – gym)

Program Description Swimming Club – Swimming is one of the best sports for building endurance, balance, coordination and lung capacity. It’s a great activity for getting low impact endurance and improving your capacity for other sports. Our Swim Club program is a great mix of being similar to a low intensity master’s swim group with an inviting environment. Have you always thought you would like to try to complete a triathlon but you’re not sure about that swim section? We’re here for you with beginner swimming sessions at the start of every practice. Even if you’re swimming with you other swim family knocking out 5k swim workouts a few times a week, we’re a fun group to swim with to get in additional new drills to add to your tool-kit, make new friends and enjoy the small group atmosphere to get the great swimmer-to-coach ratios that really improve your workouts. Add our Certified Coaches armed with video analysis and you’re going to love the way you swim! Our energetic Coaches are active athletes a Lifeguard Certified, Ironman Certified and USA Triathlon Certified to help you become a safer, faster swimmer.

Cycling Club Schedule
Saturdays 1:30p 10-20 miles (45-120 minutes)
Sundays 10a 15-25 and 30+ miles (90-150 minutes)
Tuesdays TBA Classroom Learning: Nutrition, Testing, Presentations and more!
Friday 5:30p (Specialty Strength Endurance Training – gym)
Friday 7p TBA Happy Hours

Program Description Cycling Club – Our Endurance Program recognized two key things about the cycling and spin communities in the club: First, our spin instructors have a dedicated group of followers! Second, there are lots of options for advanced cycling gangs in the DC area. So our aim is to bring these two worlds together offering safe bike outings on Saturdays and Sundays. The pre-inspected routes are organized by our staff to be welcoming for you to bring your kids or to prepare for your next century or trek. We’ll have safety sessions ahead of every outing covering bike safety, routes and places to watch out. Some rides will include a plan to stop for snacks! Our USA Cycling Certified Coaches will help you be a more efficient cyclist, find new routes for your ability level and ride with new friends. For our future triathlon finishers, you’ll get additional attention from our USA Triathlon and Ironman Certified Coaches!

Triathlon Club Schedule – Is it your time to tri? Mini-triathlon training through race performance coaching

Full schedule starts May 10th and space is limited.
“Train smart and train with friends!”


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